Utility Benefits

Utility receiving Lime Slurry

Limestone Alternative


  LimeCorp offers a high quality alternative to limestone at a lower per ton cost. The reagent feed is extremely consistent due to the AWWA mandated specifications governing water treatment today

Scrubber Performance


  LimeCorp product offers “increased reactivity” because its particle size is significantly finer than pulverized limestone. Improved stoichiometric benefits offer improvements in all areas

Gypsum Quality


  LimeCorp product improves gypsum quality in areas of PH, Free Moisture, Calcium Carbonate, Particle Size, etc. Our product also has significantly reduced silica content compared to traditional limestone.  

Cost Savings


  LimeCorp product is pumped directly into the slurry tank. On-site material handling costs are completely avoided. Savings are easily quantified based on your specific operating conditions.   

Environmental Contribution


  LimeCorp helps you reduce your carbon footprint. The environmental benefits are easily tracked allowing your organization to positively participate in a multitude of energy wise programs and gain recognition as a real contributor to corporate sustainability initiatives.  



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